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Prime Global Awards for the construction industry are the first specialized provider of awards for this industry. The mission of the Prime Global Awards is to bring recognition to high caliber talents within the construction industry and to encourage excellence in performance by awarding the best performers in this industry. The Prime Global Awards was founded by a group of forward-thinking individuals from the construction industry with a desire to acknowledge and reward high caliber and outperforming talents in this industry. 


The construction industry is a global one, with many talented individuals working in every corner of the world, who often go unrecognized for their contributions. By recognizing these individuals who have made outstanding contributions to their field, we hope to inspire others to do their best work as well.


We believe strongly in recognizing talent wherever it may be found and rewarding those who contribute so much to our company and our community. This is why we created our awards program: to bring attention to those who deserve it most!


Dr. Mohsen Tomh.png

Dr. Mohsen Tomh

Egypt 🇪🇬 

Dr. Mohsen Tomh is an exceptional Engineer and Architect with vast experience in the GCC and Middle East. He holds a Doctorate degree and two Masters degrees from Zurich, Germany. He has several key publications in the fields of construction, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy.

Dr. Mohsen is a hands-on engineer who helped build hundreds of commercial, residential, as well as government buildings in Dubai and the U.A.E. He is also a highly creative architect with outstanding accomplishments in multiple industries.


Chouaib Lekmiti.jpg

Eng. Chouaib Lekmiti

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Chouaib Lekmiti, Façade Technical Director, AESG, London UK.  Chouaib Lekmiti is an accomplished Architect and Building Envelope Specialist with an MSc in Façade Engineering and over 20 years of international experience. Throughout his career, he has successfully managed and led façade teams, delivering comprehensive design and engineering consultancy services for diverse projects acroAss the UK and the Middle East. His expertise spans various project sizes and types, showcasing his commitment to staying at the forefront of façade engineering advancements and providing innovative solutions. 


Chouaib is deeply passionate about sustainable design, consistently striving to create visually striking and functionally efficient building envelopes that align with client expectations.  He is a follow of the esteemed society of façade engineering (SFE, UK) and holds certifications in LEED and PQP. He is dedicated to embracing cutting-edge practices and methodologies that leave a positive and lasting impact on the built environment.


Eng. Simone Allegrezza

Canada 🇨🇦

Dynamic, motivated, and multilingual Business Executive with expertise in defining strategic goals, identifying new business opportunities, and maximizing financial growth. Possesses exceptional business acumen, analytical thinking, strategic planning, leadership, and communication skills. Extensive experience working in remote and globally distributed environments. Mr. Simone Holds two Master’s degrees, an MBA and a Master’s in Engineering and he received prestigious Best Country Director Award for two years at Riello Group.


Dr. Aziz Latip

Brunei 🇧🇳

Aziz is an experienced Management Consultant with more than 38 years of professional experience in the field of Corporate Training and Performance, Process Re-engineering, Corporate Restructuring, Business Development, and Corporate Financial Analysis and Requirement. He has worked in many countries globally which include Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Brunei.


Aziz started his career as a Banker with an International Bank and subsequently he has held various “C” Level positions in several Private Companies as well as Government Linked Companies mainly based in South East Asia and Middle Eastern regions. He is also an established entrepreneur focusing mainly on corporate training services and vocational education programmes from the United Kingdom. Aziz holds a degree in Town Planning, an MBA and Honorary Doctorate in Strategic Leadership.


Eng. Sümeyra Aslan

Turkey 🇹🇷

Gülhanım Sümeyra Aslan,one of the leadıng names of the archıtectures’ world sınce 2006, who has realized many Residential and Commercial projects in the domestic and international arena, has often signed architectural and more specific interior design projects in line with her interests and abilities, right after graduated from Archıtecture department of Faculty of Engıneerıng and Archıtect&Interior Architect ın Yeditepe Unıversity.  (DOUBLE MAJOR) being the First in the Faculty. the noteworthy works of the studio have been compiled she continues her professional life with the confidence of blending the disciplines of Architecture in Dubai simultaneously with Turkey.

Her works has received international attention very early with the  Mass Housing Project which was recognized as selected Work by the Best Architecture of the Year Awards for European Architecture  in 2006. GSA maıntaıns her brıght posıtıon ın the ındustry for 17 years wıth her projects of offıce buıldıngs, factory showroom and management unıts, hotel projects, resıdence and house projects. after experımental success ın archıtecture ans ınteriors she ıs now more concentrated ın combınıng herıtage desıgn with modern archıtecture.By thıs composıtıon she aıms to redıfıne contemporary archıtecture and create new projects.


4 copy 3.jpg

Hazem Ahmed

Egypt 🇪🇬 

Innovative, results-oriented Marketing and Management Professional with over 20 years experience building brands across the Middle East and the GCC. Hazem holds and MBA from City University, London. Exceptional expertise in launching MVP’s for several industries as well as multi-million dollar projects for major telecom operators. Specialized in digital marketing, e-commerce, branding, and planning. Hands-on experience with creative design for branding, website design, and web platforms.

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Iryna Poladko


Iryna Poladko is a visionary entrepreneur, motivational speaker, coach and founder of Mira Vision Board Kit, known for her groundbreaking work in the field of manifesting dreams and goals. With a wide-ranging portfolio of training programs, she is sought after by diverse audiences, and her passion lies in guiding individuals towards their own unique passions and personal fulfillment. Mira Vision Board Kits, which she created - are absolutely unique visualisation & motivational tools which are being sold all over the world. Through her exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication, Iryna continues to empower individuals and organizations to dream big and achieve extraordinary success. 

Drawing from her extensive experience working with multinational companies, Iryna understands the vital importance of having a clear vision for success from the outset. Her expertise in guiding individuals and organizations to dream big and set ambitious goals has yielded remarkable results.


Mervat Tourfa

Syria 🇸🇾

With her multidimensional skill set and passion for both engineering and business, she gained valuable experience in multiple areas of the industry.

Testing and Certification: 

Her expertise in testing and certification companies has equipped her with a keen eye for detail, a strong analytical mindset, and a commitment to delivering reliable and safe products to the market she has developed a deep understanding of quality assurance, conducting thorough product testing, and ensuring adherence to standards and regulations


Business Development in Engineering Consultancy:

She has successfully combined her technical knowledge as a mechanical engineer with her strategic mindset to identify new business opportunities, forge partnerships, expand market reach, and develop and execute effective strategies to drive growth and revenue.

Food Manufacturing:

Her work experience in the food manufacturing sector has provided her with a deep understanding of production processes, machinery optimization, and quality control within the context of food production.


Articles in Engineering Magazines:

She delivered well-crafted articles that blend technical accuracy with engaging storytelling. By staying informed about the latest trends advancements, and challenges in engineering, exploring emerging technologies, discussing sustainable practices, or delving into innovative design methodologies.

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Ekaterina Matveeva

Russia 🇷🇺

I am a professional architectural photographer with over 10 years of experience in this field. My passion for architecture and photography began long before my career, and I constantly strive to develop my skills and knowledge. My portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from modern skyscrapers and historical buildings to residential interiors. I aim to capture the beauty and uniqueness of architectural objects through my photographs. Combining technical expertise with a creative approach, I strive to create impactful images that inspire and captivate the imagination.

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Emad Baig

Pakistan 🇵🇰

Emad Baig, a highly experienced professional photographer and videographer with nine years of exceptional work experience in the vibrant UAE market. 


The passion for technical  skills and artistic vision has led me to collaborate with prestigious names such as Emaar, Meraas, Espa, Areej Group, Thales, VRD, Insead, P&G, and many more. In addition to my local success, I've had the privilege of traveling to diverse locations, including Thailand, Congo, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, for exciting photo and video assignments.

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