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Future Science and Technology City, Chengdu, China

🇨🇳 China.

"Chengdu Future City" refers to a planned urban development project in Chengdu, China. The project aims to create a technologically advanced and sustainable urban area that will serve as a model for future cities in China. The Chengdu Future City project is part of China's broader efforts to build smart cities that integrate advanced technologies, promote sustainable development, and enhance the quality of life for residents.

Dutch architecture firm OMA has unveiled an innovative master plan for Chengdu. This visionary plan deviates from conventional urban models that heavily rely on road networks or maximizing floor area. Instead, OMA’s design for Chengdu Future City covers a 4.6 square kilometer site and embraces the natural rolling topography of the land. The master plan includes six distinct zones that are carefully integrated with the surrounding landscape, creating a harmonious blend between the built environment and nature. A key feature of the design is the commitment to a car-free approach, encouraging sustainable and pedestrian-friendly living.

By challenging conventional urban planning norms, OMA’s masterplan for Chengdu Future City is an exciting example of how innovative thinking can create more sustainable, livable, and environmentally conscious urban environments.

Some of the key features and goals of the project include:

  • Smart Infrastructure: The city plans to incorporate cutting-edge technologies to create a connected and data-driven urban environment. This includes smart transportation systems, energy-efficient buildings, and advanced telecommunications networks.

  • Green Spaces and Environmental Sustainability: The project emphasizes the importance of green spaces and environmental conservation. It aims to create a balance between urban development and nature, with parks, gardens, and eco-friendly initiatives.

  • Mixed-Use Development: Chengdu Future City envisions a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces to promote a vibrant and dynamic urban lifestyle

  • Innovation and Research: The city plans to attract technology companies, research institutions, and innovative industries to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Transportation and Connectivity: Chengdu Future City aims to provide efficient and well-connected transportation options, including public transit and smart mobility solutions.


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