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Interview: Saleem Karsaz; Winner | Achievement Award - Real Estate

🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates.

Interviewer: Mr. Saleem, it is great to have you here, and welcome to Prime Global Awards, and congratulations on winning the achievement award in real estate

Mr. Saleem: I appreciate your nomination towards me, and thank you very much for that.

Interviewer: so, to get started, would you please introduce yourself to your audience

Mr. Saleem: My name is Saleem Karsaz, I am the group CEO of Aeon & Trisl Real Estate, we have more than 7 branches globally, and I have been in the market for 16 years. we deal with top developers like Emaar, Damac, Nakheel, Dubai Properties, and Meras. we have been awarded as a top agent for the last decade. I have been awarded the highest rank broker in the Dubai Land department for the last so many years, and this is a brief introduction about me.

Interviewer: so can you please share some aspects of your experience within the real estate

Mr. Saleem: so as I mentioned to you, I have been associated with this industry for the last 16 years, and I have seen the city grow from the normal sector to the luxury sector. Dubai has seen a great change, especially after COVID-19, the way that the city was handled by the leadership of Mohamed bin Zayed, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid , you have seen how things changed here, and how many nationalities have come forward from all over the world to buy Dubai Real estate, and I still believe that it has so much more potential as a city and in real estate especially as a growth of the country altogether.

Interviewer: Now, what is the story behind your company?

Mr. Saleem: So the company was formed just before the previous recession in 2008, and we were the ones who stood by the industry believing in it, we were a small company at that time, but over time we grew and we kept ourselves associated with top developers mainly. Today, thank god.. as I mentioned to you we have 7 branches globally, and with a team of more than 350 people, we are selling for all the big developers here, we have achieved a great number of sales, and we have more than 13 nationalities in all our company altogether, so the diversity and the focus of our company is to make the client return. So we don't get to a client for one deal only, they stay with us for the whole 10 years, so it is a full circle of client solutions that we find for them, so that is more about our company and we are growing day by day, we have belief in Dubai real estate industry here, and along with the growth of the company we make sure the individuals in my company grow also, so people who joined me 10-12 years ago have grown to become wealthy themselves, and I believe that the growth will not come only with company owners, but also with team members also.

Interviewer: What in your opinion, makes your company stand out from other real estate agencies in UAE?

Mr. Saleem: As I mentioned to you, we are a very inclusive agency where we tend to take everyone with us, we adapt the changes and focus on the technological changes that come to the industry or any other factors that can affect the industry, as we spend a lot of time of research and development, that how we insure along with not only having all factors to push our company to the highest level, but also we make sure that everyone in our company feels that he is part of the family, and this is a very sensitive feeling, because it is easy to come in, earn a bit of money, and end up opening your own company, but thank god we have seen people who joined me 15 years ago and still with the company, so that shows the strong foundation that we built and the relationship that we value with our people and colleagues who work with us, so that is the main defining factor between our company and other ones around us.

Interviewer: Can you share with us some of the challenges that you have faced over the years, and how you overcame those challenges?

Mr. Saleem: Like any other business, this industry also has come, and shall come, and will be coming with more challenges, and as I mentioned before we are always looking for a solution to the problem that we face, and I can give you a small example while COVID happened, we were only based in Dubai back that time, and we realized that one center of our business we can not be sustained any challenges comes globally, that is when we decided to add more offices, same way if challenges come, we ended up facing them rather than running away from them, as any other business challenges are always there, and good days and bad days, challenges will always be there so we try to find a great solution for them.

Interviewer: As the CEO, how would you describe your key business strategy?

Mr. Saleem: As I mentioned to you, we end up working towards the innovation site, collaboration with our partners, and client client-centric approach is the motor of my company and myself, I lead from the front, and in that aspect, we are always ahead of the curve when any kind of innovation is taking place in the industry, or any collaboration with our valued partners who have been with us, or comes to us. Similarly, the client-centric approach is there and kept our client for the longest years, and now we have people from the third generation working with us, so that is the way we are taking it forward in all aspects.

Interviewer: Do you believe that Dubai is a promising market for real estate and what are your insights on its future?

Mr. Saleem: So since the beginning of the interview, I have been talking about how Dubai is, and there is no doubt that Dubai has been one of the global real estate leaders for many years, and people now have so much confidence that they have second homes here, and they are buying homes for short time rentals, and willing to keep a portfolio and increasing it month by month, and year by year. There is no doubt about the fact that the kind of return we get in Dubai and about the rental income, so all people agree that Dubai is the real estate leader, and the processes are so simplified and so easy to buy. It is going to be in the few coming years that Dubai will be leading by far from many other countries.

Interviewer: Finally, what is your message to the young generation, and for startup companies

Mr. Saleem: I can say to the young generation that you need to do everything you do with a lot of passion and fearlessness. Dubai is a city where you can fulfill your dreams, earlier was called the American dream, but now you are talking about the Dubai dream. So you remain committed and honest, and your intentions are clean, work with a lot of commitment and dedication, if you have this in you, then you can achieve whatever you want, anything you want, you manifest it in the right way, then you can achieve in this city, and we have seen this ourselves when we started with a small set of 8 to 10 people and going up to 350 people, in a matter of 15 years, it is a great growth, as reaching the top is not easy, but in this city, if you correctly do the right things, then you can achieve your goals as easily as it can be.


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