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Interview: Ms. Elvira Sharshenalieva ; Winner | Prime Global Achievement Award - Real Estate Sales

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates.

Interview: Ms. Elvira Sharshenalieva

Interviewer: It is a pleasure to welcome you today, and we are honored to present you with the Prime Global Achievement award in the category of Real Estate sales.

Ms. Elvira: Thank you so much for inviting me, and I really appreciate it.

Interviewer: Please introduce yourself to your audience.

Ms. Elvira: I can introduce myself as an experienced sales agent, practicing investor, CEO of EVA Real Estate, and most important a wife and mother of two beautiful kids.

Interviewer: Could you share some insights about your experience in real estate?

Ms. Elvira: I have more than 10 years of experience in real estate, actually, my career started back in 2013 when I joined Damac Properties as a sales advisor, and I worked there for two years, then I was invited to work in Dubai Holding, where I worked for one and a half year, and it was my favorite place to work as I was working locals, the best people, and there I started to feel that it is my comfort zone and I have to give a new challenge to myself, and I had the offer to join Emaar properties, where I accepted it, and I was working there for two and a half year, Emaar one of the best developers in the market today. After that, after 8 years of experience, I decided that it is time to have my own work.

Interviewer: How did “EVA Real Estate “start and grow to be one of the key market players in real estate?

Ms. Elvira: It is all about people, ambition, hard work, and honest and humble people with the same vision, and I believe that EVA real estate is a family where one for all, and all for one.

Interviewer: I am wondering if you could provide an overview of what services your company “EVA Real Estate” currently provides.

Ms. Elvira: In general, we are A Group of companies, that provide services such as selling, buying, and renting, as well we have business services like helping our clients to get visas, open companies, to get their kids to schools and universities. We have also EVA Voyage, which is a holiday home, where investors buy from us, and then we give them options to rent their property for a short term. We are also into maintenance, which is EVA maintenance company, and we are into construction, so we are trying to support our investors from A to Z.

Interviewer: As the company founder and CEO of " EVA Real Estate ", what is your business philosophy?

Ms. Elvira: The most important thing in life and in real estate is to be honest and fair, to employees and to customers, and I am trying to follow that as much as I can, and I am trying not only to sell the property but to find the dream house, and if it is investment, I try to provide the right investment. The most important thing for the investors is not to make maximum profit, but not to lose, because anyway by the time the investment will bring them profit.

Interviewer: so, let me ask you this, what strategies do you follow to ensure to be ahead of the competition?

Ms. Elvira: In general, my 8 years of experience give me an advantage, as I know most of the project in\out, and secondly, we don't do classic marketing like client calling or direct messages, rather this we spent a lot of money on digital marketing, as well as road shows, and we have one kiosk in JBR. Most important we have 3 offices, one in Moscow, one in Kazakhstan, one in Uzbekistan, and one office is coming hopefully at the end of August in Abu Dhabi, and our plan is to open offices in Germany and New York.

Interviewer: Based on your overall experience, how do you see the importance of Dubai in the global real estate market? And what are your expectations for its future?

Ms. Elvira: In general, I think it is the best industry where you can make a good income, especially in Dubai. You can come from any part of the world and make as much as a senior director, with a Phd, or general manager. Actually, in my company, I have millionaires, as in one month they have made more than one, two, and three million dirhams, and it is all about your hard work, will, and consistency, so in my company I have millionaires, and I know a lot of brokers who own several apartments and very expensive cars. No one can predict what's going to happen in the future, except God, but I believe in the real estate market in Dubai, I believe in the government of Dubai, and it will be minor corrections which is normal in general in any market, but at least the upcoming ten years of Dubai real estate market will be very successful.

Interviewer: Could you share some insights into the challenges facing the real estate industry, and how you deal those challenges?

Ms. Elvira: In general, it was not easy in terms of my decision not to hire anyone from another real estate, I decided to be fair to my competitors, and I was hiring only ambitious people who are ready to work hard and make money, and I was making the training myself, and attending all the calls and all meetings. I started with 8 salespeople, and today we are 290, but the first eight months I was non-stop working, and at one point I faint, but after that when we reached 14 people, we had a director of sales who started to help me, and I started to delegate the parts related to sales, meeting, and calls, and by that, it becomes much easier.

The other challenge faced was the office, as the team was growing so fast. I started with a small office like 300 sq. f, and the team starts to grow very fast, and I had to change the place three times. Today we have three offices, which are two in Motor City, and one in Bussines Bay.

I never used someone else money, I invested my own money, only my own, and money was going fast so I was a little bit stressed and under pressure that I have started and I have so many people and I am taking care of them, but I was little worried at some point that if there is no enough money then I have to stop and let down on others, but thanks God that did not happen, as after 6 months we started to sell very well, and we have got our first award from Danube properties, and after that it started to go well.


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