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Interview: Ms. Nadia Burtea; Winner | Prime Global Achievement Award - Real Estate Brokerage

🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates.

Interview: Ms Nadia Burtea

Interviewer: Ms. Nadia it is a pleasure to meet you and welcome you today. We are pleased and honored to present you with the Prime Global Achievement award in the category of Real Estate Brokerage.

Ms. Nadia: Thank you very much for having me and thank you for the award.

Interviewer: So, to begin with, please introduce yourself to our audience.

Ms. Nadia: I am a young and successful entrepreneur who has a real passion for the real estate world and business in general. I am very very ambitious, and I have a very strong sense of ethics absolutely in everything I do.

Interviewer: very interesting, now can you please share some highlights of your experience in real estate

Ms. Nadia: Sure, my first journey in real estate started about 5 years back, when I stepped out to the role of sales professional of one of the leading agencies in the market. I will always remember the excitement after two weeks of being in the field, I had my first deal and that was due to my hard work, as I was the first one to come to the office, and the last one to leave, and I had that crazy hunger to learn everything as soon as possible because I always wanted to be fully prepared when I have the chance to set in front of a potential investor, and yes it defiantly paid off.

Interviewer: I see, so what is the story behind the inception of "Genesis Real Estate Brokerage”?

Ms. Nadia: All right, after two years of working as an agent, I took the decision to start Genesis Real Estate. I am very proud to say that within the first quarter after being in the business as an agency, we were awarded as number two rising stars with one of the biggest developers in Dubai, which is Damac Properties. It was the moment that validated all the hard work that I did for the agency. So I am super happy that I took that step and I started the agency

Interviewer: So now could you provide an overview of the sources provided by your company?

Ms. Nadia: Definitely, we act as advisors, basically, we build and manage a portfolio for our clients, and we do everything from A to Z for our clients, so basically from the moment the investor sits in front of us, we understand what are his needs and what is the project will suit his requirements, and we take care of everything from the sales process, from selecting the unit, from project evaluation, from opening banks accounts, visas, so literally everything that the investor needs to make sure that he is having a smooth and hassle-free experience when he comes to invest into the real estate.

Interviewer: you have accomplished quite a lot, so, as the CEO of "Genesis Real Estate Brokerage” what is your secret to success?

Ms. Nadia: My business vision is pretty simple because it centers around putting our investor's needs above everything else, above our needs as an agency or as individuals. we treat everybody with the most respect regardless of the amount they are willing to invest, starting with a studio apartment, penthouse, or luxury villa, we treat everyone with respect and we treat everyone equally, and we make sure that they are making the most out of the investment, as we get them the perfect house, the dream house they are looking for. I believe in integrity and ethics in everything we do, and this is how I run my agency, and this is something I am teaching to my agents all the time.

Interviewer: So real estate all over the world is a highly competitive market, how do you ensure your company is market competitiveness

Ms. Nadia: I don't really see other agencies are direct competitors, as I do believe there is space for all of us in this dynamic industry. Each and every one of us as agencies, we have our own business approach, we have our own clients, and what I would say our difference from the other brokerage in the market are our integrity, and our work ethics, we focus on our business to be good as we can each and every day.

Interviewer: Based on your experience, how do you see the importance of Dubai and global real estate market?

Ms. Nadia: Based on my experience, and based on all the research done around the globe when it comes to the real estate industry, I do believe Dubai is the place to hold the number one spot when it comes to real estate investment. we are looking at one of the fastest-growing economies, we are looking at a city with an amazing infrastructure, extremely safe, great educational system, medical system, and overall quality of life we are all enjoying in Dubai, not mentioning the Tax benefits, and most importantly when you are looking the price per square meter, comparing to big cities around the world, you can see the prices in Dubai for a property is undervalued, therefore we are looking for very good potential growth for the real estate market in Dubai.

Interviewer: What are your insights on the future of the Dubai real estate market?

Ms. Nadia: In my view, Dubai real estate market will continue to grow for a couple of good upcoming years, after that phase we might look at stabilization, more steady with sure growth, therefore investors, people who are looking to buy but are hesitating at this moment, I do believe it is the right time to invest as we still have a couple of good years to maximize their margins, rather than waiting till the moment when the market will stabilize with slower development.

Interviewer: so, tell me one of the challenges you faced as an agency? And how did you overcome them?

Ms. Nadia: we were fortunate enough to have a great start as an agency and great progress. One of my biggest challenges was building the team and finding the right people to work with me, people who share the same vision, the same value, and the same work ethics, and that was the most complex and the biggest challenge we have been facing so far.

Interviewer: Finally, Ms. Nadia what is your message to the young generation and other startup companies?

Ms. Nadia: My message to the young generation is, when you are at the top stay calm, and when you are at the bottom stay calm, and highly believe in it because it may be easy to reach the top, but the hardest is to maintain the position. Hard work and consistency, believe in yourself, and don't let anyone tells you, you can't do it, if you are putting in the hard work, as long as you are giving 200% then definitely you are going to make it.


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